Woman's Writing Workshop


Free writing workshop offered every Wednesday afternoon from 1-3 at our Change Makers space 661 McKay Street. This program is part of a Giving Voice Initiative and is designed to work with woman who have experienced or had their lives impacted by violence.

We offer a safe and supportive environment for women to gather and build skills for assertive communication.

We hold Writing Out Loud Workshops where women are guided to write through a series of prompts and exercises. The exercises are positively focused and designed to increase confidence, trust and self-esteem; reminding us of our strength and resilience while providing reassurance that we are the heroines of our stories.

Women will be creating a portfolio of work which they will be welcome to share in an upcoming publication of our zine "Within Our Grasp" which is focused on stories and experiences of success, triumph and social justice.

As our group develops and identifies their goals, we will welcome guest speakers in to share their experiences, knowledge or resources.

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