Time for Reflection

An ongoing series of informational entries to learn what is and what has happened. 

AGM - Has It Been a Year Already?

January 15, 2018

Our AGM is being held at the Library.  Come and join our community Change Makers to discover what we have been up to over this past year, we will share with you some of our plans and goals for the year ahead and invite you to help us envision the future.  Since June, we have been in partnership with Hecate Strait Employment Development Society offering literacy services to Work BC clients, we offer weekly computer classes where learners can discover the basics about computers and receive assistance to create emails, develop cover letters and resumes or conduct job searches.  We have been offering bi-monthly workshops with a focus on community connections, resources and services.  You can find our head office on the ground floor at Hecate Strait Employment Development Society. 

What's Love? Juggle Club?

February 14, 2018

Okay, many of you may know that we have received an Imagine Grant from Northern Health; with this grant we have started a weekly juggling club happy hour on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5-6 at the Brilliant Experience Studio in the museum building downtown.  In addition to these free weekly juggling sessions, we have ordered 2000 juggling balls so that we can offer juggling workshops and outreach at various schools and locations around town.  If you are interested in having a workshop please be in touch, Karen loves juggling and she would love to share that joy with you. . 

It's tax time...

March 15, 2018

With the assistance of the Canada Revenue Agency Community Volunteer Tax Clinic program and the Unemployment Action Center we were able to assist learners to submit their taxes.  Throughout the month we also offered computer literacy tutoring and tenant rights and responsibilities workshops at the Fishermen's Hall.

Mine Collective came to Town

April 15, 2018

Artists from mine, an inter-disciplinary project that explores consumption, identity, fast fashion, history and memory, using clothing as the common thread between us came to Prince Rupert to offer a residency at Charles Hays Secondary School.

The Third Kaien Fusion of Fashion, Culture and Dance!

May 15, 2018

This years Kaien Fusion of Fashion, Culture and Dance was great. Change Makers and Brilliant Experience teamed up to present an experimental showcase which explored the power of imagination to overcome environmental pollution, in their collection, there were several outfits made from plastic recycling!

Bike to School and Work Week was a Success!

June 15, 2018

Bike to school and work week 2018 was a success, the winning bike to work team this year was The City of Prince Rupert while Roosevelt Elementary School remained the leader of the pack for the school teams! A total of 3398km was biked throughout Prince Rupert - well done everyone. See you next year!

Summer Student Post!

July, 2018

Hi everyone! My name is Shveta and I am the summer student for Change Makers' Education Society. I was born and raised in Prince Rupert and left after high school as I was to go to college in Vancouver to pursue a career in the medical field. I have many  hobbies including cooking, baking, dancing, volunteering etc. I will be teaching Bhangra dancing starting on all Wednesdays from July 18 to August 8 from 3:00-4:00pm for girls of all ages. I am helping with the juggling workshop and will also be helping with storytelling starting in August. 

Home Our Way

October, 2018

On October 13th, Olivia Davis is travelling to the Lester Centre to share her performance of “Crow’s Nest and Other Places She’s Gone” “Crow’s Nest and Other Places She’s Gone” offers an intimate portrayal of women’s experiences of transition from life to death, togetherness to solitude, and form to spirit. Witness a journey of transition from this side to the other as told through women’s friendship. This is the story of two friends from the street who have navigated their way through life at the edge of society. Contemporary choreography and storytelling are woven together through an Indigenous lens. The work draws inspiration from woman’s stories taking place presently and those stories of women past that take up space in our hearts and in our legends.

Prior to her performance in our community, she will be offering community based residencies on the afternoons of October 9, 10, 11 from 1-4 at the Lester Center. The community engagement project, “Home: Our Way” is a creative movement workshop. I have attached a pdf describing the Home: Our Way residency. The residency is free and is designed for mature women and two-spirited persons, especially those who are navigating or have experience navigating transitions. A shorter community residency will also be available October 13 from noon-1:30, open to members of our community at the Lester Centre.  

New Programming Space!

December, 2019

We are so excited to share with you that we will be opening a new programming space!  With the support of M'akola Housing Society, we have a townhouse at 661 McKay Street! We invite you to join us at our open house during the solstice, December 21.  

We are one of several community organizations in BC who will be providing literacy support with the support of Coast Mountain College and the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.  We will be delivering both a Community Adult Literacy Program and an Indigenous Community Adult Literacy Program providing Cultural Learning Connections from our new programming space and at various locations in the community including the Work BC Centre at Hecate Strait Employment Development Society and the Unemployed Action Centre at the Fishermen's Hall.  

Health Literacy!

February, 2019

We are offering a Healthy Lifestyles Workshop with facilitator Janice Muir.

Are you concerned about your health?

Want to make better choices?

Come join our group for a FREE 6 week program

Everyone welcome

Two groups, one daytime and one evening

Meet once a week to discuss lifestyle issues using SMART goals

Let’s take the next step towards a brighter future!

Initial planning meetings:

Tuesday Feb. 19th, 2019 at 7 PM

Thursday Feb. 21st, 2019 at 11 AM

Please join us for a relaxed and fun-filled time

Program period: Feb. 19th-Apr.4th 2019

Location: 661 McKay Street, Prince Rupert

Call to Register: 250 627 4100

Or email: [email protected]

Times: Tuesdays 7 PM-8 PM

Thursdays 11 AM - 12 PM

20 participants welcomed

Kaien Fusion of Fashion, Culture and Dance!

March, 2019

Every Monday evening we are hosting a drop-in Make and Mend evening in preparation for Kaien Fusion of Fashion, Culture, and Dance.  We have loads of fabric, notions and tools available to help you create a masterpiece to share in the exhibit.  We always have a number of cultural pieces from our Indigenous and multicultural communities plus independent designers and contemporary artists. The Northern View did a short interview with some of our models which can be found here.

Kaien Fusion: A Community Coming Together to Celebrate Culture and Diversity Through Fashion and Dance

Kaien Fusion of Fashion, Culture, and Dance seeks to bring Prince Rupert residents together in a celebration of culture and diversity. Hosted by North Coast Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society and Change Makers Education Society, this show will highlight the different people and cultures in Prince Rupert through an exposé of fashion, dance, and art.

An art show will be set up in the front foyer displaying pieces of all mediums that highlight the themes of culture, fashion, and dance. Local and regional dance groups will perform traditional cultural dances as well as contemporary dance on the main stage. Prince Rupert residents will model local handmade fashion, wearable art, and the traditional dress of local First Nations and Immigrant groups.

Kaien Fusion will provide an evening of celebration and entertainment at the Lester Centre of the Arts in Prince Rupert on April 6, 2019. The art show opens at 6pm with the dance performances and fashion show beginning at 7pm.

Admission is by donation and benefits the community groups participating.

This is the fourth annual Kaien Fusion show. We hope to build on our previous success by opening up participation to the northern region allowing an even wider range of cultures and artists to be represented.

Last year, the show featured First Nations dance groups including the Nisga’a dance group and a multi-nation dance group. The Punjabi community presented a Bollywood fashion show and Gidha and Bhangra dances. The Friendship House submitted a group collection celebrating First Nation Designs and the fashion of contemporary designers Cecilia Grayson from Tribes and Laurie Gray of No Roads Studio, and Alexa Gamble of Mist. Karen Buchanan of Brilliant Experience displayed fashion made from recycled plastics and a contemporary dance piece exploring environmental pollution and water.

Workshops at the Unemployed Action Centre!

April, 2019

This month we are hosting a variety of workshops at the Fishermen’s Hall located at 869 Fraser Street; all workshops are free of charge!

April 8-12 Financial Literacy Workshops Monday – Friday 9 AM – noon.

A special evening workshop with Toni from Northern Savings Credit Union on Monday April 8 at 6:30 pm

Topics covered during these Workshops include:

Monday April 8th: Financial Literacy 101

Monday April 8th evening session - Planning for Wealth with NSCU

Tuesday April 9th: Budgeting and Spending an Overview

Wednesday April 10th: Banking Basics

Thursday April 11th: Credit and Borrowing

Friday April 12th: Saving and RESPs

Participants may attend all workshops or any individual workshop. Refreshments will be provided and pre-registration is recommended and can be made by e-mail: [email protected] or phone Karen: 778-645-0262.

Saturday April 13th we are hosting Tenants Rights and Responsibilities Workshop and on April 14th a Landlords Rights and Responsibilities Workshop.

These workshops will be facilitated by Paul Lagace, the legal advocate for the Unemployment Action Centre. During these workshops, tenants and landlords will learn about their legal rights and responsibilities, changes in the residential tenancy act, the proper documents and procedures to use when entering a tenancy, to communicate during a tenancy and when ending a tenancy. 

For the remainder of the month we will be offering our basic computer workshops Monday - Friday from 9-12. 

Awakening the Warrior Woman Within!

May, 2019

We are hosting a writing workshop Awakening the Warrior Woman Within every Wednesday afternoon from 10am-1pm at our Change Makers space at 661 McKay Street. This program is part of a Giving Voice Initiative and is designed for woman who have experienced violence. We offer a safe and supportive space for women to gather and build skills for assertive communication.

We hold Writing Out Loud Workshops where women are guided to write through a series of prompts and exercises. The exercises are positively focused and designed to increase women's confidence, trust and self-esteem; reminding us of our strength and resilience and providing reassurance that we are the heroines of our stories. Women will be creating a portfolio of work which they will be welcome to share in an upcoming publication of our zine "Within Our Grasp" which is focused on stories and experiences of social justice.

As our group develops and identifies their goals, we will invite guest speakers in to share their experiences, knowledge or resources. Join our facebook event page here.

Bike to Work and School Week!

June, 2019

We are inviting you to participate in Bike to Work and School Week in Prince Rupert. The celebration of Bike to Work and School Week is scheduled to happen from May 27- June 2. We are asking for your support to participate and encourage your colleagues and students to bike to work or school. Bike to Work and School week is a province wide initiative to encourage biking and celebrate cycling. It is a free, fun, week-long celebration of biking taking place May 27 - June 2, 2019.

There are several ways in which you can get involved; you can register as a team, a school or an individual online through Bike to Work BC

Health literacy is an important part of creating workplace culture and promoting learning. Riding to work or school builds physical activity into our daily routine, supports concentration, and provides a foundation for healthy lifestyles and a lifelong love of cycling. More people cycling reduces traffic congestion and makes our community a safer place. Plus, it's fun and helps the environment!

Every workplace, school or team can participate by having a local champion or team leader to co-ordinate efforts, encourage participation and log the team's kilometers cycled to enter them into prize draws and track how much greenhouse gas the team saves.

We wish you happy cycling and will be happy to assist you. If you would like more information or help to register online, you will find us every morning on your commute to work or school at our Bike to Work Celebration Station in the JavaDotCup’s court yard. We will have fresh fruit, snacks, water and coffee available to fuel up your riding. You can also join the fun and submit photos or stories locally on our Bike to Work facebook page.

Raven Tales Storytelling Revival

July, 2019

Raven Tales Storytelling Revival (RTSR) is a program for youth ages 15 to 30. We are looking for energetic youth interested in theatre, writing plays, performing and creating weekly vlogs. Skill Building goals: Effective Oral and Written Communication, Critical and Creative Thinking, Time Management, Leadership and Self-Confidence, Team work and Self-Discipline. Multimedia Training: work with video and audio equipment, record edit and post on social media, learn how to edit and enhance video quality. Click here to see our event and join or invite others to join.

This is an exciting Canada Youth Services Corps. project that Change Makers is facilitating over the next year. Through the project, youth will connect with elders, learn about traditional legends and work with mentors in theatre and film making to develop and share their own stories.

Raven Tales Storytelling Revival is a project encompassing Canada’s past, present, and future of First Nations culture and its resilience.

The end goal is for the group to produce their very own written play, and document the experience with video. The group will perform the play to the community at different planned events.

Raven Tales Storytelling Revival/ Theatre Production

Thus far, the youth of the Raven Tales Storytelling Revival program have brainstormed (Click here for video) ideas for a play, and engaged in various workshops to gain new knowledge and skills. The youth's idea for a play involves dealing with cultural issues of oppression from colonization. The youth also took part in workshops to help give them more insight about the importance of First Nation culture, theatre, video editing and creative writing so that they can utilize these skills not only for the programs production though, also for their own lives and well-being. The youth were also fortunate to be guests of a presentation on Residential School from Residential School Survivor, Arlene Roberts. Click here for residential school video.

We invite all youth ages 15 - 30 to join our program. Office hours are 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday at 661 McKay Street. 

Check out this site, our Facebook page or our office for activities and scheduling.

Monday Nights; from 6-9 during Make and Mend at Change Makers, we will be working on the costume pieces. Planning, cutting and piecing.

Saturdays; from 10am - 4pm is exclusively for RTSR activities.

Week One- Brainstorming Ideas for Play's Story line

Week Two- Created Comic Book Hero

Week Three- Monologue Writing/Presentations, Sensible Writing (writing using the senses).

Week Four- Created Poster and Logo Design

July 23- Artistic Advice From Artist John Wale.

Schedules are subject to change.       

Raven Tales Storytelling Revival

August, 2019

We started August with a Cultural Awareness presentation entitled Bringing Tradition Home from Duane Jackson, Gisgaast (fireweed), of Gitanmaax. His message was inspiring and well worth listening to. Here is a short video clip of his presentation, Bringing Tradition Home.

On August 6th we had highly respected Gitxsan mentor , Marlene Clifton, from the house of Hagbegwatku of the fireweed clan, come in to talk about culture, and truth and reconciliation. She stresses the importance of cultural protocols, continuing traditions and the  passing down such knowledge from generation to generation. Here is a her video

We started our WORD OF THE DAY using the local indigenous language, Sm'algyax, the language of the Tsimshian Nation whose land we reside on. Join our group, Raven Tales Storytelling Revival, to find out more.

Our Community Literacy Outreach Worker, Alfred Harris, attended youth conference Don’t Dream it Be it, organized by Tricorp, which was a success with about 63 Indigenous youth in attendance. We attended the Friendship House’s annual block party. Also, we ended our month with a meme workshop and a photo/voice- project as mediums for storytelling. In the fall we are starting a new cohort and hope to continue developing our play, story telling, and to spread awareness of truth and reconciliation. Our cultural knowledge and stories continue to expand.   

International Literacy Day

September, 2019

We are looking forward to an exciting upcoming year!  The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training announced that we are the recipients of both a Community Adult Literacy Project and an Indigenous Adult Literacy Project.  

MLA, Melanie Mark announced, “Our government is investing in programs that break down barriers to empower people to be more active members in their communities,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. “We know that it’s critically important for people to have literacy and numeracy skills to complete simple daily tasks like cooking, attending medical appointments and applying for work. I applaud these community organizations that are the unsung heroes that open doors and create pathways for all British Columbians.” 

On September 8th we also celebrated International Literacy 

Day with an Open House, this year's theme was Literacy and Multilingualism. Thank you to everybody who came in to check out our programs and share the amazing food! T'oyaxsut nüün!  You can read about it and watch the video from Black Press here. 

Health Literacy Month 

October, 2019

October is Health literacy month! Health Literacy is the ability to find, understand, and use health information and services to promote and maintain good health. Health literacy can help us prevent health problems and protect our health, as well as better manage those problems and unexpected situations that happen.

It is fitting that the second annual Go By Bike Weeks happen during Health Literacy Month October 21 - Nov 3! Making exercise part of our everyday routines lifestyle decision that is one of the best ways to promote health and ensure life-long wellness.  Active transportation is a great way to get our bodies moving, stay healthy and connect with our environment.  

If you want to know about some of the benefits that cycling offers, you can check out this article that details 27 benefits of cycling at bikeradar.


Financial Literacy Month 

November, 2019

November is Financial Literacy Month.  Throughout November, Canadians are encouraged to take charge of their finances by making a budget, having a savings and debt reduction plan, and understanding their financial rights and responsibilities.

There is a Financial Literacy workshop planned for November 28, 2019 at the Fisherman's Hall in conjunction with the Unemployed Action Centre & Northern Saving Credit Union.  

A Time for Giving

December 2019

Youth from our Raven Tales Project put their hands to work making cards, prints and ornaments.  The ornaments were given as gifts to share in our community and also sold as a fundraiser at various markets over the Holiday season.  

We were able to learn about Ojibway legends as the youth constructed beautiful dream catchers and explored their relationship to mathematical concepts.   

Table Time

January 2020

Table Time is an “Honour Your Health Challenge” program funded by Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC).

The Honour Your Health Challenge (HYHC) is an 8-week community-based program that encourages innovation and needs-based approaches to promoting healthy, active lifestyles in First Nations, Métis Chartered Communities, and Friendship Centres throughout the province.

This program will take place at Change Makers’ Education Society (661 McKay Street) every other Tuesday and is open to all adults. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult. (Sorry, childcare not provided). To join our fb event, click here.

Participants will meet every 2 weeks for 1 hour and gain knowledge on healthy eating on a budget.

You will get information on food share programs and what they have to offer. Recipes will be provided based on the foods they provide. We’ll discuss the health benefits of each recipe, and have one of the recipes ready for tasting. We will also cover rewards programs offered by various local businesses and other budgeting ideas. Participants will be offered a journal to track their experience.

Guest speakers will be invited to share their knowledge on dietary issues.

Each day a participant attends the program, they will receive tickets to enter into our prize draws. There will also be chances to gain tickets by completing certain tasks throughout the program.

There will be small monthly prizes such as swim tickets, gift certificates, gym tickets etc. There will also be a final grand prize and a few consolation prizes at our wrap up party.