Call for Submissions

Topic: Innovation for Social Change

With Our Grasp a Zine

Submit to [email protected]

Change Makers’ is creating a community zine to inspire social change in the diverse community of Prince Rupert, BC to recognize those that are passionate in their beliefs.

If you know someone who promotes social change and inspires others to do the same, nominate that person for their dedication, innovation, hard work and mentorship!

If you would like to contribute to Change Makers’ Zine to share your thoughts, reach out and have your story shared.

Guide Lines:

-This is open to everyone 18 years or older. Including organizations.

-Submissions accepted are photos, stories, art work.

-All submissions must be your personal work.

-Include name to be published with work or remain anonymous. Max word count 800.

-You may include a short bio, and a description. (Both optional)

-Submit work to [email protected]

-Advertising space available.

Zine to be published June 2019