K'oomkt Youth Centre

K’oomtk, is the Sm'algyax word for hope. This program is designed to compliment the programs delivered by Change Maker' Education Society, including: Soar our youth/ young adult housing initiative for housing insecure youth aged 18-30, Cultural Learning Connections our community adult literacy project, Raven Tales Revival our Indigenous Community Adult Literacy project to address Truth and Reconciliation by providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for youth aged 15-30. The program will connect youth with cultural mentors and meaningful recreational activities. It is expected that the youth that access this space will have deeper community connections and friendships, develop a sense of pride and be confident to share their learning and skills with the community. By providing safe recreation, community connection and boosting esteem, the number of youths participating in crime is expected to decrease.

Office Hours/Location

Open all week, Monday - Sunday 3PM-10PM

Suite 151, 309 2nd Ave. West (Ocean Centre Mall)

Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, V8J 3T1

Contact Information

If you have any questions 

Please call: 250-624-4083

Or Email: [email protected]

Our Blog

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Let's get spooky!

October 2021

Well, getting spooky is only involved in one of our programs this month and that is our Friday night - movie night.  Of course, there are many opportunities to stop in and create your own spookiness via decorations, costumes or stories.

On Saturdays, we have beading in the afternoon and art night. Art night could be focused on making decorations if that's what you're interested in.

Sundays, we have our Zine making workshop. This is where you can write about something are you passionate about; that you feel more people should know about or understand. This can be in the form of a poem or an article/essay. You can share art, (hand drawn or digital) or pictures that can be included in the zine. 

Monday's program is Make and Mend. During this program, you can get some help with sewing if needed. You will have access to our sewing machines and a wide range of fabric. Or you can just discuss an idea you have for a project and get feedback.

On Tuesdays, we have our peer support group. We have youth workers that can help you with any issues you may be facing. If they aren't able to help you, they can find someone who can. 
There is also a video editing workshop on Tuesday evenings. Learn ways to edit videos to make them more dynamic with the help of our videographer.

On Wednesday afternoon, we have a homework drop in where one of our staff or volunteers will be available to help with whatever courses you may be struggling with.

And lastly, on Thursdays, we have a game night! We have plenty of game options for young adults to enjoy. 
You can stop in anytime that we are open to get help with anything listed above.

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