Raven Tale Storytelling Revival (RTST) is a youth literacy program for ages 15 to 30. We are looking for energetic youth interested in theatre, writing plays, performing and creating weekly vlogs. Anticipated Skill Building: Effective Oral and Written Communication, Critical and Creative Thinking, Time Management, Leadership and Self-Confidence, Team work and self-Discipline. Multimedia Training: work with video and audio equipment, record edit and post on social media platforms, learn how to edit and enhance video quality.

RTST is an exciting Canada Youth Services Corps. project that Change Makers is facilitating over the next year. Through the project, youth will connect with elders, learn about traditional legends and work with mentors in theatre and film making to develop and share their own stories.  RTSR will be a project encompassing Canada’s past, present, and future of First Nations culture and its resilience.

Raven Tale Storytelling Revival will be a great opportunity for youth to gain new skills to enhance school, work and overcome life challenges. RTSR will be a 120 hour program filled with skill building activities, such as writing, effective communication, oral story telling, teamwork and leadership. The end goal is for the group to produce their very own written play, and document the experience with video. The group will perform the play to the community at different planned events.  The multimedia facilitator will be educating the group on video and audio equipment. Creating weekly vlogs to update our social media pages on the progress of the project.

Contacts: Karen Buchanan, Executive Director

[email protected]

Alfred Harris, Community Literacy Outreach Worker

[email protected]250-627-4100

661 McKay Street

Prince Rupert, BC V8J3X6

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